Monday, February 4, 2013

Ben Davis High School (BD JUMP CLINIC)


The Video above is from this past weekend BD Jump Clinic. I had the wonderful opportunity to do a learn-by-doing clinic at Ben Davis High School. I would like to sincerely thank Coach Alicia Wallace for sharing and supporting the vision of coaches and athlete education. I am a firm believer that to continue to save and grow our  sport we are in need of  a paradigm shift in how we manage our clinics and camps. We are going to have to move from the class room and banquet rooms to hands on physical and visual learning. No more are the of clinics where the coaches are more concerned about impressing their counterparts with fancy charts and scientific jargon. I am going State to State, school by school to  hands on educate the coaches and athletes on the most simple and effective way to teach and execute the fundamentals of running and jumping. This weekend we spent one hour in the classroom with a short presentation and lecture. I was honored to have 2000 Olympian DeDee Nathan lecture and share her story and experiences. From there we spent the next three hours on the track physically doing and learning. I was hands on demonstrating, correcting and educating how and why things are done and how they apply to the actual movement or skill. I am proud to say that this was an enthusiastic and talented group of young athletes that I had the opportunity to share my ThinkingFeet system with. The video above was taken at the end of the camp after the young man had gone through the Thinking Feet Long Jump bench system. Within very little time amongst a group of many we were able to simplify and clean up his understanding and mechanics. The end product was this beautiful and simplified jump. You can find more about the ThinkingFeet System here: 


  1. Coach Alicia WallaceFebruary 5, 2013 at 9:50 PM

    Great way to end the week. Kenta shared what it was like to compete and prepare for world class competition and worked individually with each athlete. Lots of drills and form work. Great way to jump start the track season.

  2. These are the things that we need in the UK as well; as we seldom see Elite Athletes nor Coaches around to learn from and to work with. Our sports is slowing dying away. We can't let that happen as this sport brings so much to the table.

    From what i've read about your at Ben Davis High School. A lot of aspiring young and Master Athletes would have loved to experience...just a part of it. Thank you for your great work.

    With a greateful heart from those who have never seen or met you, but have had a glimpse of you through videos and articles.

    Mad Manny